Karin Lewin


The Flags of the Artist N° II,
150 x 240 cm, woven polyester, 2012

karin lewin

“Karin Lewin - The Artist • L’Artiste, a bi-lingual edition, is all about one professional artist’s passion following her dream. The trials and tribulations of surviving as an artist are simply recounted. Her evolution and how her subjects were chosen, some on the spur of the moment and others over many years of contemplation and evolution. The reader can easily understand how life and art are so closely intertwined. Through ones artwork, one lives forever.” W. REED


Hardcover edition of 220 pages, printed in 1000 copies, in UE, May 2018.
ISBN : 979-10-699-1212-0


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Kim Reed, born in 1993 in Vietnam, has written and published her first book in 2018: KARIN LEWIN - THE ARTIST • L’ARTISTE.
With an Advanced Technician Diploma in visual communication and a Masters degree in cultural project management, she aspires to contribute to the influence of the cultural sector by supporting contemporary creations.

karin lewin


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